Having worked with Lindy Dellinger and his company to build my house, I cannot imagine any other builder measuring up to the standards they set. For me, as a single woman, tackling a rather unconventional building project (I lived in a trailer on the property where my house was being constructed during the construction process), I have nothing but praise for everyone at Dellinger Building. There were more than the average number of building challenges, county inspections, etc because of my desire to move the trailer from its original position on the property to the front of the property where I could continue to live in it during construction. Lindy and his company helped me through all of those extra problems, even though it was not their responsibility to do so.

The level of personal service I received was superb. I always felt that everyone at Dellinger Building wanted to do anything and everything they could to help me build my house the way I wanted it, and did whatever they could do to help me reach my goals. I was given the opportunity to be extremely involved with the selection and sourcing of materials and suppliers. I doubt many contractors offer their clients such flexibility and support.

I do want to express my extreme satisfaction and gratitude to Jose Santos and his company, Santos Framing, for the excellent job they did with the framing and related aspects of my house. They also went beyond the call of duty by helping to stabilize my dock, which had been damaged in a windstorm, without me knowing or asking for the assistance. I was not even aware of the damage until Jose showed it to me. I could sing the praises of just about everyone that Dellinger Building works with, and the positive experiences I had, from picking out lighting fixtures with Marion Hudson at Modern Electric (who went on eBay to find a light fixture I wanted that had been discontinued and was no longer available from the manufacturer) to Ron Long at Westport Tree and Landscaping, who met with me and a county inspector on short notice (and then brought his crew over to comply with demands the inspector was imposing for dirt stabilizing) and saved me from potential heavy fines that the inspector was threatening. Thanks to Ron and his efforts and cooperation, the inspector was pleased and no fines were levied.

Another aspect of service that stands out with Dellinger Building is responsiveness and communication. Whenever I called with any question or concern, my calls were returned quickly. Eddie Payne and Guy Ballard were wonderful to work with in the phases of my project they led. No matter how busy they were with all of their projects, they would call me back quickly and always made me feel that my project was important to them. They would also ask questions of me, in advance of taking action, on many aspects throughout the process. We would talk through the options and jointly reach decisions on so many aspects of the project, I can’t possibly remember all of them-I just know that I always felt that my input and my choices were the top priority, and they would do what I wanted, if it was at all feasible.

As with any building project, there were numerous problems and challenges that had to be faced-but none that I would say were “caused” by anyone at Dellinger Building. When challenges did surface, I knew that whatever was in my best interest was what Dellinger Building would strive to do. While building my house, and even now, I feel that the Dellinger Building family (including many of their subcontractors and suppliers) became my family. From my perspective, Lindy, Patti, and Joe Dellinger, Paul Stafford, Guy Ballard and Eddie Payne could not have treated me better if we were blood related. I trusted them to give me honest answers and guidance to my multitude of questions, and I was never disappointed. I would recommend them, without any hesitation or qualifications, to anyone building a home. You will never find a more professional, honest, dedicated, or responsive builder-I am sure of that.

Kim Watson

“Lindy and his team at L.C. Dellinger Building Company were competent, honest, customer oriented and highly recommended. If your goal is to build a high quality custom home at a fair price, built by some of the best craftsmen in the industry, L.C. Dellinger Building Company is an excellent choice.”


Dear Lindy,

We wanted to thank you all so much for the excellent service, the attention to detail, and quality workmanship displayed throughout our homebuilding experience. Everyone we encountered had such a pleasant attitude and a commitment to quality craftsmanship. We certainly appreciate how smoothly you made this building process. Our new home is absolutely beautiful and everything we had hoped it would be. We will enjoy it for many, many years!

Thanks again.

Clark and Carol Marolf